Final Meeting of 2014!

December 31, 2014

Five first-year players, a record number for a single Charleston Scrabble Club meeting, attended the December club meeting and distinguished themselves. Terri Coleman, winner of the Rookie of the Year award for 2014, made two bingos, MURIATE and DESTINED, and she also won a special seasonal word prize with YETI. Tana Young won a “high J word” prize by playing JOUST. Rebekah Simcox played a farcical nine or ten letter phoney, which December birthday honoree, Chuck Jones, chose as being worthy of a “Chuck descriptive word” prize. Karen Pope played COVENANT, her first club bingo, in just her fourth club game! And Lexy Munck won twice and averaged 318 points at her first club meeting!

December Bingo

Lisa Lovelace and Mary Maddox also won Chuck descriptive word prizes. Lisa, the Outrageous Phoney award winner for 2014, did her thing again by playing RACKINGS#, but she also played ORBITAL and OUTSITS, which was unsuccessfully challenged by Mr. Director, Marty Gabriel. Mary, an accomplished rider who owns a beautiful old horse named Tucker, played TROTTERS as well as EXTRACTS. Chuck played the highest scoring bingo of the day, INQUEST for 100 points!

Ranji Adukia played GLACIERS and PLAINTS (the plural of an acceptable shortened form of complaint), earning the fifty point bingo bonus for each of these words. She also played JOLLY, which earned her a best seasonal word prize. Marty played SACRIST (a person in charge of a SACRISTY, a place where sacred vessels and vestments are kept), CANITIES (the turning gray of hair), OUTFLANK, WHALEMEN, and ARROGATE (to claim or take without right). Daiva played DEAREST and hoped that Chuck would select it for a “Chuck descriptive word” prize, but being the humble fellow that he is, he did not choose it. (Mr. Director, who has a Leap Day birthday, was tempted to ARROGATE it but reluctantly decided to wait and hope the word might be resubmitted in February.)

Beloved Tootsie Hamburg, winner of over one hundred games at the Charleston club throughout the years, was thrilled to finally be able to return to Charleston after a one year absence! Mr. and Mrs. Director and other club regulars who have missed her are glad Tootsie thinks she’ll be able to make it to Charleston more often in 2015!

Childsplay 12-06

Check out more photos of our last meeting here.

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