Autumn Word Play at Charleston Scrabble Club

October 18, 2014

The presence of three grad students from the EIU English department highlighted the September club meeting; Rebekah Simcox attended her second club meeting and Terri Coleman and Tana Young made their club debuts! All of the newbies performed admirably, using hot spots well and playing at a steady pace with good clock awareness. They all exceeded 250 points in at least one of their games and Terri, whose mother had been a tournament Scrabble player, played DANCERS for 76 points in one of her games. (This was actually not too surprising, as Terri had previously confided that she’d played QUIETISM as a triple-triple in her last game against her mom!!!)

English professor, Daiva Markelis, perhaps inspired by the precocious newcomers, won all four of her club games, making eight bingos along the way, including AREOLAS, BEFRIEND, INERTIAL, and URALITE, which takes an R front hook (to make RURALITE). Retired English professor and local publishing magnate, Mary Maddox, also continued her recent strong play, winning two of her three games. Mary had four bingos, including LENITES; LENITE is a verb, meaning to articulate a LENIS (a speech sound), so LENITED and LENITING are also acceptable! Angela Vietto, yet another English prof, uncharacteristically did not win many games, but she did win the prize for best fall word by playing OUTVOTED for 62 points!

Feature Bingo

The outrageous Lisa Lovelace benefitted from playing POOFIER#; POOFY is acceptable, but POOFIER# is only acceptable if using the Collins international dictionary as a word source. (Note:  the # symbol is used to designate a word that is only acceptable in Collins games; the * symbol designates a word that’s unacceptable in North American dictionary games and in Collins games.) Lisa also played SHANTERS*, a particularly shameful phoney because it was played against a newbie. TSK! Beware, Lisa, another instance of this will warrant a TSKTSK!!

Other notable bingos at the September meeting included PEANUTS, SIERRAN, and TOELESS by Chuck Jones; REFILLED and RETARDED by Wendy Edwards; AIRLINE by John Fultz;  and AUDITORY, DECRIAL, and VAPORISH by Marty Gabriel.

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Lisa Lovelace October 26, 2014 at 3:09 am

Outrageous! Really? I “shant” bear such insult! :-) I shall choose to think of it as a poofier compliment!

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