Club Awards for 2017

January 8, 2018

The following players are recognized for their outstanding performances during 2017:

Most improved Player Award

Angela Vietto / Cheri Grizzard / Mary Maddox

Angela raised her club rating from 1052 to 1188 and her points per game average from 355 to 370!! Cheri raised her club rating from 780 to 816 and her PPG from 341 to 352!! Mary raised her club rating from 1219 to 1251! Angela had the nerve (and requisite skill) to win three of fourteen games versus Martysaurus Rex while Mary won four of twelve contests against the beast in 2017!!!! And Cheri courageously faced “MR” six times!!!!!! The lesson seems clear; boldness and hardiness are helpful traits if seeking to improve!

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Spirit Award

Ranji Adukia / Wendy Edwards

Ranji cheerfully attended club meetings whenever she was in town and consistently brought a large cake for her clubmates! In December she even made sure it had special frosting to honor two who’d just been recognized for breaking a Guiness world record! Similarly, Wendy continued to come regularly from Urbana to play in a most jovial and pleasant manner. And, of course, she kept bringing something yummy for everyone! I’m actually seriously thinking of renaming this category the “Wendy Edwards Spirit Award”!

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Outrageous Ph***y Award

Marty Gabriel / Della Lutz

Marty played 127 bingos at the club meetings in 2017 and FIFTEEN were phoneys!!!!!!!! He alone played 47% of all of the phoneys played at the club this past year (15 of 32)!!! The most outrageous and/or amusing may have been COMBABLE* and BANJOED*. However, the most surprising might be BITCHER*! (Perhaps just as surprisingly, BATCHER and BOTCHER are actually acceptable!!) Della is awarded this prize for the second consecutive year for outrageously playing TEQUELAS* and TOADIER*!!

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Sincerity Award

Angela Vietto

Angela qualified for this award by averaging at least one bingo per game and having no bogus bingos recorded all year. She actually played 58 acceptable bingos in 52 games! Amazingly, although this is the sixth time that the Sincerity Award has been presented, this is just the very first time that the very prestigious award winner is “Honest Angela”!

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