Summer Fun

August 7, 2014

July BingoDaiva Markelis, author of the Scrabble blog, “The Nervous Rack” and the memoir, “White Field, Black Sheep”, appropriately played SCRIBED at the June meeting. But she really outdid herself by playing BEWIGGED and INSURGENT, a nine letter bingo (extending from IN, which was on the board) at the July meeting!!

Meanwhile, her hubby, Mr. Director, played MAZAEDIA (spore producing fungi) and TUBERCLE (a small rounded swelling) as well as a phoney, WINGBOLT*. (RINGBOLT is good, though; Go figure!)

Scott Garner once again demonstrated his strong word knowledge and anagramming ability at the June meeting by playing GRIGRIS (fetishes or amulets) as well as CATENOID (a geometric surface) and TITANOUS.

Angela Vietto showed her understanding that more words start with an S than start with any other letter of the alphabet by playing SCREAMS, SHUNNER, SIGHING, SNOWIER, STOOGES, and STORAGE during the two meetings.

Roxane Gay, who will be starting a new job at Purdue this fall (but thinks she’ll still be able to still make some club meetings; yay!) also struck with the S first, playing SCARFING, SCREENS, SLAGGED, and STUDIES at the June get together!

Chuck Jones, the 2014 Most Improved Award winner, played BROACHES, NEARSIDE, and WHITTLED among his nine bingos at that same meeting while one carpool pal, Della Lutz played ANISOLE and SIGNORAS, and the other, Lisa Lovelace, made UNRUSTED!

Congenial and community minded Wendy Edwards played ALLOTTER and POLLERS. Webmistress, Mary Maddox made a couple of bingos with a cee and two esses; she played CLAUSES and COURSES!

Karen Pope and Victor Semenow played their first club games in July and some other newbies have recently expressed interest in the club, to the delight of the regulars.

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