Action at the May 2014 Meeting

June 4, 2014

The May meeting of the Charleston Scrabble featured some interesting bingos. Scott Garner showed his strong knowledge of seven letter bingos by playing MUSTING (becoming musty) as well as BREVITY. Mary Maddox almost pulled off a major upset victory over the club director by playing a couple of OUT bingos in the same game; she played OUTSAID and OUTWEAR, a word which takes both an S and a Y back hook! Mr. Director, Marty Gabriel, played a nine letters bingo, SPANKINGS through IN and he also played CHOIRING and GROUCHED, though only the latter was against Mary. Mrs. Director, Daiva Markelis, played PRETRIAL, which takes an S back hook and is the anagram of PALTRIER. She also played SONATINE, one of the pluralizations of SONATINA and a word that does not take an S hook! But perhaps her most impressive bingo was UNPEGGED, a low probability find that highlighted her strong knowledge of acceptable fives! Remarkably, Barbara Amster played a slightly more mathematically improbable word, HUGENESS! Barbara also got a leg up on the Outrageous Bingo Award by shamelessly playing COLADAS* against a player with a rating over 1300 points lower than hers. (Note: MOJITOS# is also a phoney unless one is playing with the Collins/international dictionary as a word source.) Angela Vietto played PIASTRE, a monetary unit of several Arab countries, which can also be spelled PIASTER. And Wendy Edwards capped off an undefeated day with a major upset victory that featured her play of  VESTING, which can mean “the act of clothing” and which consequently takes an S back hook!

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